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With the economic turbulence all over CXOs are on constant look out to get the higher returns out of the company’s technology investments and improve the company’s market share in the highly competitive global markets. Companies need vendors to support their IT initiatives; we at TechMagica offer our best of breed solutions to companies in their drive towards efficiency.

Change is constant– driven by global market fluctuations, growth opportunities, competitive threats, new regulations, and technological advances. To respond quickly one needs a partner who can help you choose the right IT solution: perhaps turnkey product delivery, or process enhancement; a flexible resource pool, or staff augmentation; or, perhaps you need a combination of approaches.

We are the strategic partners to several IT companies providing our services in key areas because of our in depth expertise on various technologies, knowledge of diverse verticals and their specific business processes.

Our people have years of technology expertise, combined with knowledge of industry best practices and years of experience in delivering end to end IT services and solutions. We have expert engineer teams focusing on each of our Centers of Excellence assisting in our drive to build competency in each of the distinctive development architectures. This also helps our teams in addressing the delivery nuances related to a particular type of technology.

You can eliminate the hidden costs of fragmentation through a strategic partnership with TechMagica. TechMagica has experience-solving industry-specific IT challenges for businesses like yours. We can analyze your system challenges and provide solutions that improve your IT infrastructure and organizational responsiveness. And from project-to-project we’ll adapt our solution to custom-fit your situation.

We are an IT services company providing highly skilled resources and cost effective, reliable, secure and adaptive IT solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations. As a TechMagica customer you'll find at your service our comprehensive portfolio of services to address your specific requirements. We believe in offering cost effective IT services to small and medium enterprises across the Globe.

In an ever changing market environment, it is vital to have the technological and process edge that would help in building competitive advantage. For maximum flexibility, agility and efficient operations a robust IT strategy is vital. This is exactly where TechMagica services would help you in.

We constantly work with our customers to understand the challenges and strategize the solution that best fits their need. Whether your need is for building a solution or for upgrades or for an end to end IT support or consulting, we assure you the best as our goal is customer satisfaction. Our focus is on building long term relationships and delivering innovative cost effective solutions to our customers.

Using our proven software development framework which can be customized for the customer’s specific requirement and our best practices driven project management approach, clients can be assured of cost effective, quality tested, within budget project executions and solution delivery. Our software development framework covers all the stages from requirement analysis to warranty support.

An efficient and flexible IT Solutions strategy is a must so that organizations have the competitive advantage. TechMagica’s comprehensive IT services are customized to fit the needs of the businesses of every size so as to succeed in the competitive global markets. TechMagica has been helping organizations globally to achieve competitive edge by leveraging technology, people and processes.

TechMagica’s domain experts ensure that the IT initiatives are in sync with the business imperatives. Our approach is essentially consultative and is business led; hence we first understand your business goals and challenges and then identify and implement the right solution.

Solution Offering

Our state of the art support centers have helped our clients choose solutions that meet their global sourcing needs. Our solutions help clients meet their requirements of application development and maintenance, testing and legacy migrations along with staff augmentations. Our processes are directed to reduce your costs while mitigating risks and maximizing performance.

Customers who have partnered with us have seen remarkable improvement in

  • Attracting new customers and retaining existing ones
  • Overall improvement in the user experience
  • Better ability to extend application reach to users in the field
  • Improved data capture and processing frameworks
  • Enhanced distributed reporting capability
  • Extend the life and functionality of legacy systems by interfacing them with more modern applications
  • And more

The TechMagica Advantage

  • Commitment to business innovations that drive the business growth
  • Project team with in depth expertise on diverse industries and divisions
  • One stop IT services company – system integration solutions, application development, e-business solutions, testing solutions
  • Faster time to market and enhanced productivity and efficiency

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