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Application Management

Technology as a business enabler is the trend that we are increasingly seeing. Most of the IT budgets are portioned to maintain the legacy applications or the application maze. Maintenance of such an application scenario requires diverse technology and functionality expertise which is not possible for the organization to hold on to.

There is no room for application failures, downtime, or performance issues as they have far- reaching repercussions – diminished business performance, significant financial losses, reduced competitiveness, and lowered customer satisfaction.

Some of the key challenges that enterprises face, include:

How can TechMagica help you?
As an experienced IT Service provider, TechMagica can efficiently resolve your challenges through end-to-end management of infrastructure, applications, and business processes.

Application Maintenance
From initiation to steady-state support, TechMagica follows a set of clearly defined phases with predefined metrics and deliverables at every stage so as to provide the partner with complete transparency and control. Working as a virtual extension of your team, TechMagica’s skill at using your preferred maintenance processes ensures consistency in system performance and functionality.

Our Application Maintenance services are driven by the continuous thrust given on system improvement reports for the various corrective and preventive actions taken.

The steps towards perfective maintenance are made transparent to the client by providing quarterly reports on the system and actions.

  • Proactive Maintenance: Correct potential issues even before their identification by the users thereby minimizing the user impact. Proactive monitoring of System Event Repositories is done to clear issues that might roll into potential user support cases.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Identify areas where issues occur frequently and immunize the system so as to prevent future issues. Various statistics and measurements are monitored so as to ensure smooth operation of the system.
  • Perfective Maintenance: Make necessary enhancements to evolve the system from an ad-hoc patched state to an ideal application state. Perfective modifications and enhancements to system is done to ensure continuous improvement and avoidance of 'fat-induction'.
  • Adaptive maintenance: Make necessary adaption to the software so as to fit in to the changes in your systems or system environment.

The key success factors for our Application Maintenance services are the processes and the standards underlining the Knowledge Acquisition and Management. TechMagica follows a set of clearly defined steps so as to gain complete understanding of the client’s application landscape and to provide quality support services.

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