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We specialize in distributed agile methodologies. From the requirements-defining stage through the acceptance stage, our resource team collaborates seamlessly with yours either onsite or offsite. The structured, two-way communication components of our Agile based project management process keep you informed and engaged, while equipping us to respond swiftly to any changes in requirements.

Our teams are also experts in a range of other agile delivery processes, like Scrum, or the more linear processes such as RUP and waterfall. Bottom line, we can adapt and blend easily with your own process environments.


Requirements most often are not frozen and vary to an extent during the various phases of project execution. In the agile based project management approach, we expect change and adapt to it. The customer can make the changes that they require to the requirements in the various phases, which are addressed immediately before going on to the next phase. Thus the project is divided into smaller phases and delivered in small iterations.

The objective of our approach is to deliver cutting edge solutions for customers so as to build long term win-win partnerships. TechMagica has adapted the Agile Methodology for faster time to market and better customer demand satisfaction. The project management is designed to accept fluid changes from the clients which are saved in the product backlog and are prioritized as per the emerging business drivers. We believe in continuous liaison with the stakeholders so as to ensure that the delivered product meets their both said and unsaid needs.

Our methodology is a result of best practices of Agile in combination with the Scrum approach to ensure speed of project delivery and value add to your business. We use an iterative approach while collaborating with the project stakeholders and come up with the prioritized requirements. We ensure that there is a single point of contact communicating to the client’s team throughout the project duration.

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